What Does Lash Extension Sealant Do, And Do I Need It?

eyelash extension sealant

“Lashes make the perfect curtains for your eyes” – anonymous. 

Eyes are the epitome of beauty and the first thing to notice when looking at someone. Isn’t it? And eyelashes are what add charm and enhance the beauty of the eyes. Today, almost every girl is getting eyelash extensions to achieve their lash goal but fails to keep them last. Without proper maintenance and care, the eyelashes come off early and leave you puzzled. To keep your eyelashes looking stunning and long-lasting, it is crucial to invest in a quality eyelash extension sealant that can help retain your newly installed lashes for a long time. So, whether you’re a lash artist running a salon or an individual wanting to take care of your lashes, our lash extension sealant is the perfect product to amp up your lash game. To enjoy long-lasting, thick, and voluminous lashes, knowing about lash sealant will also clear your doubts of “why do I actually need it?”

Without much ado, let’s get started from scratch. 

What Is Lash Extension Sealant? 

Also known as a lash sealer, it is a 100% water-soluble coating sealant that helps keep your eyelashes from falling out. The lash sealer will increase the lifespan and beauty of your lashes. Eyelash sealer has a fantastic texture and a state-of-the-art formula that does not negatively impact your eyelashes. The major job of a lash sealer is to work like a sturdy barrier on the eyelashes to protect them against the elements that break down the glue. Once applied to the eyelash extensions, it will help them from twisting or peeling. 

What Does Eyelash Sealer Do?

Are you wondering how eyelash extension sealant works or how does it retain lashes for long? Just imagine what a top coat of nail polish does for a manicure. Exactly that’s what eyelash sealer does for eyelash extensions. It increases the shelf-life of eyelashes by creating a protective barrier against the elements, such as dirt, debris, and residues that cause eyelashes to fall by breaking the glue. There are plenty of eyelash sealers available in the market claiming to do it best and effectively, but it is vital to pick the right and quality one that does a great job without causing any negative impact. To help you better understand, eyelash sealer actually “seals” the lash extensions to the base, ensures maximum retention and prevents twisting or falling apart early. 

Why Do You Need Eyelash Sealer? 

Who doesn’t want long-voluminous and thick lashes? Every girl wants it, right. To achieve dream lashes, girls undergo eyelash extension treatment. However, it becomes a little difficult for them to maintain and take care of lashes to prolong their life span. That’s where eyelash sealer plays a significant role in protecting and enhancing the eyelashes from falling off. Here are several purposes highlighting why you need eyelash sealer:

Protect Extension

Undoubtedly, eyelashes are delicate and can easily be damaged due to many factors, such as dirt, debris, water, sweat oil, etc. A lash sealer creates a protective layer and works like a shield against these factors to prolong the lifespan of the lashes. 

Long Retention

Lash sealer comprises ingredients that work by strengthening the bond between the extension and natural lashes. This ultimately leads to better and long retention, which allows them to stay longer in their place. 

Glossy Finish

The eyelash extension sealer contains ingredients that offer a glossy and shiny finish to the extensions. This ultimately enhances the overall appearance of the lashes, making them look shinier and healthier for long. 

100% Water Soluble 

The eyelash extension is a 100% water-soluble eyelash coating sealant that prevents your lashes from falling out. It works by sealing a lash line, retaining the natural oil and moisturizer in your lashes, and preventing the lashes from becoming brittle and falling apart. 

How To Apply Eyelash Sealer?

To enjoy long-lasting, voluminous, and thick lashes, learning “how to apply eyelash sealer” is important. Well, applying eyelash sealer is easy; it is just like applying mascara on lashes. All you need to do is pull out the lash sealer from the tube and apply it directly to your lashes smoothly. Indeed, the lash sealant is super helpful in making your lashes fluent and smooth. 

Buy Eyelash Extension Sealant From Lash Therapy

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