Is Eyelash Extension Training Worth Your Time And Money

Are you an esthetician wondering if the eyelash extension training is worth it or not? Well, we think it is completely worthy and can be a great opportunity for your career growth. Considering the fact that the global eyelash extension market size was valued at USD 1.4 billion in 2021 and is poised to grow at a significant CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period 2022-28, enrolling on eyelash extension training can help you become a better professional.

Still doubtful? In this blog, we have elaborated on lash artists’ careers, growth scope, and the 4 most compelling reasons that demonstrate why eyelash extension training is worth it.

What is an Eyelash Extension Artist: Career Overview

An Eyelash Extension artist is a person who is responsible for extending or thickening the eyelashes. Nowadays, Eyelash extensions have become a big part of the beauty industry, allowing women to enhance the beauty of their eyes. In 2020, the eyelash extension industry was worth $1.36 billion and is expected to reach $2.21 billion by 2028. Many people nowadays are getting eyelash extension training because of the opportunity it presents in the current market.

Top Reasons Why Eyelash Extension Training Is Worth It?

There are several reasons why eyelash extension training can be beneficial to you and your career as a beautician. Some of the major reasons for you to become a lash artist are as follows:

1 – Booming Market

One of the main reasons to get eyelash extension training is because it is one of the most demanding services in the beauty industry. More and more people every day discover eyelash extensions and want to try them. You can make the most by capitalizing on the trend by providing your customers with the best eyelash extensions.  

2 – Pay Scale

If you want to earn handsome money, eyelash extension training is worth considering. One of the biggest reasons why aspirants choose to become eyelash extension artists is a good salary. On average, an artist with the minimum basic training can earn somewhere between $80 to $120 per session. For those who are experienced in the field of eyelash extension can charge as much as $200 per session. 

3 –  Flexibility To Work

One of the major benefits of eyelash extension training is that it is skill-based work. If you know how to do eyelash extensions, you can either work in a beauty salon or teach in an institute. Another thing that you can do is work on your own. 70% of eyelash extension artists are self-employed and earn a good amount of money. Study shows that people who are self-employed are likely to be more reasonable and have a higher morale. 

4 –  A Life Of Creativity

If you are a creative person who loves doing creative things, eyelash extensions can be the perfect thing for you as this field requires the technician to be creative at all times. The more creative you are, the greater the chance of you becoming a successful eyelash extension artist. 

Here’s All You Need To Become A Certified Lash Artist Today

As we all know, eyelash extension artists work in close proximity to your eye, which is a delicate and sensitive organ that needs care.  This is why eyelash extension training and experience are very important when catering to the needs of customers. In many places, you need basic education, an eyelash training certificate, a license and basic skills. 

Basic Education

To become a lash artist you must have a high school diploma at minimum.. Some salons might also ask for a bachelor’s degree in cosmetology or any related field. 


Eyelash extension training is the most important when it comes to being a lash artist. Many salons require the candidate to have a training certificate. Whereas, some salons also have a training period where they will train you before giving you actual clients. 


This part differs from region to region. Some countries and regions allow you to practice without any certification. While in most places you need a certificate and a license to perform any eyelash extension treatment. In most cases, you will have to take classes and then pass a test. Upon passing the test, you shall have your license. 

Basic Skills

To succeed anywhere in life, one must have some basic skills. In the case of an eyelash extension artist, one must possess basic skills like good communication, customer service, organizing skills, technical skills and product knowledge. If you possess these basic skills, you can become a successful eyelash extension artist. If you don’t have these skills, don’t worry, every eyelash extension training program provides you with basic grooming to take care of this facet of the job. 

Lash Therapy  Indianapolis: Start Your Career Today!

Are you ready to start your journey as an Eyelash extension artist? Lash Therapy Indianapolis will provide you with all the necessary training and make you a bonafide lash artist. We offer a comprehensive and detailed course in the art of eyelash extension. Our experienced and well-trained lash artist will help you at every step of your journey and in the process, ensure that you get all the necessary skills and experience to become a good eyelash extension artist. So, if you want to become an eyelash extension artist, join our eyelash extension training course today. Contact us to enroll

What Is Covered In Lash Therapy’s Eyelash Extension Training?

Lash Therapy’s Eyelash Extension training involves things that are important for a lash technician and are relevant to the market today. Some of those things include:

  • Getting trained by the best lash technician in the business
  • Practice on Live Models
  • Training in different lash styles for different face and eye shapes. 
  • Access to appropriate workshops for upskilling
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Communication skills and customer service skills
  • Give you a deep understanding of the products used in the industry

Enroll in Eyelash Extension Training Today and reap the benefits of being a lash technician. Lash Therapy’s Eyelash Extension Training will prepare you as per industry standards for a bright and prosperous future.

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