How To Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions For Best Results?

How To Take Care of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are all the rage these days. Women of all age groups are getting eyelash extensions to enhance their eye appearance and look gorgeous. Eyelash extension is the instant process for making lashes longer, fuller, and beautiful for long-lasting. It is an effortless way to achieve the desired look without applying much eye makeup. However, you must know how to take care of eyelash extensions to reap their benefits. If you are a beginner and planning to get eyelash extensions, this blog will be helpful for you. Here, you will explore a step-by-step guide on how to take care of eyelash extensions to maintain their longevity and ensure they stay fabulous for weeks to come. 

Understanding the importance of eyelash extension care, we have considered pre and post-extension tips. So, without much ado, let’s start from scratch.

Part I – Pre-Extension Care

Before diving into the after-care routine, it is essential to get prepared properly. 

1. Choose a certified technician

A certified and experienced eyelash technician ensures a safe and expert application process. 

2. Consultation

Have a thorough consultation with your technician to discuss your desired style. This will help you to achieve the desired eyelash extensions.

3. Inform your technician about existing health problems

Inform your technician if you are allergic to any product like adhesive. It’s a small but crucial step to avoid potential discomfort and adverse reactions. 

If you are concerned about how to take care of eyelash extensions, first, you should do things you should consider during the procedure.  

Part II – During The Procedure 

Looking for dos and don’ts after eyelash extensions? First, check the factors that you need to consider during the procedure. 

4. Check product quality

Before the technician starts the procedure, you should check the quality of the products that are being used. Make sure they are not expired or contain harmful compounds. 

5. Inform your technician if it is hurting you 

Do not hesitate to interrupt your technician during the process if it is hurting you or causing discomfort. 

Here is the moment when you need to think about how to take care of eyelash extensions. 

Part III – After Application 

Once your eyelash extensions are done, you must adopt the daily routine to keep them looking their best. Let’s discover the dos and don’ts after eyelash extensions without much ado. 

6. Keep them away from water, heat, or steam for at least 48 hours

Adhesive takes time to set on the natural lashes. To ensure they are set correctly, avoid exposing excessive steam and water for the first 48 hours after application. This will allow you to set the adhesive fully. If how to wash face with eyelash extensions is your concern, using wet wipes is the best solution.  

7. Avoid oil-based products

Avoid using oil-based makeup, removers and skincare products, as they can break down the adhesive, causing your eyelash extensions to fall permanently. 

Part IV Day-to-day Care

Eyelash extensions are too delicate, so it is essential to follow dos and don’ts after eyelash extensions. Here are other tips contributing to how to take care of eyelash extensions. 

8. Gentle cleansing

Use an oil-free lash extensions-friendly cleanser to clean your lashes daily. Gently remove any dirt or makeup without rubbing or pulling on your eyelash extensions. 

9. Brush your lashes 

Use a soft brush to comb your lashes daily. This will help you untangle any crossed or twisted lashes and maintain their shape. It will also remove the dirt and other unwanted particles from the lashes. 

10. Shower And Swim Care 

If you are a swimmer, protecting your eyelash extensions is a must for you since pool water contains chlorine that can weaken the adhesive and result in fall out of the extensions. To prevent eyelash extensions, wear goggles. 

Part V – Maintaintaince Appointments

Regular maintenance appointments are a crucial part of how to take care of eyelash extensions. Book your maintenance appointment at a time if you are worried about how long do eyelash extensions last because it generally depends on your care. 

11. Schedule fill-ins

Like other hair, eyelashes also have a natural growth cycle that can misplace the setting of your eyelash extension, and you will need fill-in appointments every 2-4 weeks to replace lost lashes and maintain fullness. 

12. Avoid self-removal

If you no longer want your eyelash extensions and want to remove them, seek expert assistance. Attempting to remove yourself can damage your natural lashes. 

13. Address issues promptly 

If you are experiencing irritation, discomfort or allergic reactions, consult your technician immediately. Ignoring for long can lead to more significant issues. 

Part VI – Lifestyle Adjustments

To keep your lashes in perfect condition, consider making some lifestyle changes part of how to take care of eyelash extensions. 

14. Sleeping habits

Try to sleep on your back to prevent rubbing eyelash extensions on your pillow, which can cause premature shedding. 

15. Avoid eye rubbing 

Avoid rubbing your eyes, as this can loosen the extensions and lead to shedding. 

16. Avoid sauna

Moisture can weaken the adhesive, so be cautious when visiting saunas and heat rooms with eyelash extensions. 

Part VII- Overall Lash Health 

Your concern ‘how to take care of eyelash extensions’ also involves the care of your natural lashes. 

17. Lash serum

Consider using a lash serum to promote natural lash growth. Healthy natural lashes provide a better base for extensions. 

18. Breaks between sets

Give your natural lashes a break between extensions set to prevent breakage overloading and potential damage. 

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