Guide To Choose The Best Eyelash Glue For Sensitive Eyes

Best Eyelash Glue For Sensitive Eyes | 101 Guide

Raise your hand if you’ve got sensitive eyes. We know exactly what it takes to take care of them, especially while opting for eyelash extensions. Nowadays, most eyelash glues might contain ingredients such as latex or acylates, which might cause discomfort and pain if you are allergic to latex or have sensitive skin.
The skin around the eyes is quite sensitive, so we have prepared a detailed guide for you to pick the best eyelash glue. Whether you want to give your clients a pleasing eyelash extension experience or looking for eyelash glue for yourself, our checklist will guide you on how the best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes should be compared.

Checklist To Shortlist An Ideal Eyelash Glue For Sensitive Eyes

Let us start by discussing what causes irritation and pain in the eyes. The lash extension glues have different ingredients that cause allergic reactions to sensitive eyes.
People with mild to low sensitivity feel discomfort when the glue suddenly touches the skin. However, people with highly sensitive eyes are also affected by the fumes and vapor of the adhesive used in the glue.
When looking for eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes, you must consider some essential aspects of the glue, such as its components, shelf life, drying period, retention time, etc. Let’s discuss how these aspects individually are essential in the eyelash glue for sensitive eyes.


Ingredients used in eyelash glue are the primary reason for the allergic reaction and discomfort. Therefore, when picking a lash extension glue, you must look at the ingredients.
Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient of all lash extension glues. Different types of Cyanoacrylate, such as Methyl, Alkoxy, and Methoxy, each with additional adhesion strength, cause pain and irritation. However, not all Cyanoacrylates are harmful, and finding a balanced mixture of ingredients is essential to shortlist the best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes.
Another ingredient that is commonly present in all eyelash extension glues is formaldehyde. Small levels of formaldehyde exist in all the lash extension glues and can irritate the eyes. Moreover, as the eyelash glue degrades over time, the amount of formaldehyde in it increases. It is advised to avoid eyelash glue with a significant amount of formaldehyde.
Many eyelash extension glues have latex, natural rubber, that causes a burning sensation in the eyes. Therefore, it is advisable to use adhesives that contain synthetic rubbers like elastomer. Glues made of synthetic rubbers offer excellent quality and do not affect the eyes.

Drying Duration

Drying speed refers to the time eyelash glue takes to dry up. It is also called setting speed.
It might vary depending on the ingredients of eyelash glue. When you look for eyelash glue for sensitive eyes, check for an extended setting period.
Different types of Cyanoacrylate, such as Methyl, Alkoxy, and Methoxy, have different fuming intensities, adhesive strengths, and setting speeds. A balanced mixture of cyanoacrylates with fewer side effects, a shorter setting period, and a longer retention duration is ideal for lash extension.


The adhesive strengths of the eyelash extensions depend on the percentage and type of cyanoacrylate used in the glue. The eyelash glue for sensitive eyes tends to have less cyanoacrylate, reducing eyelash retention to as few as three weeks.
Therefore, you must consider the glues that offer a more extended retention period and cause minimal eye side effects. Clients often want long-lasting eyelash extensions, so discussing them with them beforehand is essential.

Shelf Life

Like adhesive strength, the shelf life of eyelash glue is shorter than the standard glues used for eyelash extension. The regular lash extension glues last around six months when stored unopened. However, the eyelash glue for sensitive eyes only lasts about three months unopened.
Therefore, a lash artist should not overstock these glues. It is wise to estimate how many bottles of adhesives you require before ordering them.

Climate And Temperature

Eyelash glues are very much affected by climate factors like temperature and humidity. Therefore, when you select eyelash glue for sensitive eyes, check the bottle for the advised temperature and moisture. The recommended climatic conditions must be present inside your lash room, and you can use the air conditioner and humidifier to maintain the desired requirements.

Customer Reviews

The glues might have different side effects depending on the sensitivity of the eyes and therefore need experimental data to back up the claims by the brand. The brand might claim that the eyelash glue they offer for sensitive eyes has no side effects. However, the customers may experience mild discomfort. Therefore, it is best to read reviews on many e-commerce and shopping platforms and find the best glues that work.


The desired price of the eyelash glue for sensitive eyes depends on how much your clients will pay for the lash extensions. Moreover, the cost of lash extensions varies from brand to brand. Therefore, you must find an eyelash glue that delivers optimal results at a reasonable price.
You can invest in high-end eyelash glue if your clients are willing to pay much for eyelash extensions.

An Eyelash Glue, Specially Made For Sensitive Eyes

As a Lash Artist, you should search for an eyelash glue that is latex free and causes no trouble to the eyes. Moreover, it should be adhesive and boost the longevity of eyelash extensions.
Sensitive Glue by Lash Therapy encompasses all these qualities and more. It comes with unmatched rates and offers a temperature range as high as 50 – 60 degree Celsius. Moreover, it has a brief dry period of 2 seconds, which is rare for an eyelash glue for sensitive eyes. Sensitive Glue is arguably every lash artist’s choice for giving their clients a trouble-free eyelash extension.
If your clients complain of irritation or discomfort, it is about time you switch to Sensitive Glue. The glue meets the client’s expectations regarding comfort and beauty, offering unparalleled quality eyelash extensions. Buy Sensitive Glue by Lash Therapy today.

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