Lash Therapy Professional Eyelash Glue

Lash Therapy Professional Eyelash Glue

This latex-free Glue is designed for experienced Lash Artists & is perfect for Classic, Volume, as well as Hybrid Lashes. Thin Viscosity & low fumes with retention for up to 4 weeks. This glue is a 1-second dry time and works best with temperatures between 50-70 degrees. The humidity range is 20-45%.




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Experience the difference with our fast-drying, latex-free, and patented formula eyelash extension glue to keep retention time high and elevate the lash game of your clients. Let your clients achieve stunning, natural-looking eyelashes with our high-quality professional eyelash glue.

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Get Flawless And Long-Lasting Lashes With Our Professional Eyelash Glue

Getting eyelash extensions is easy, but ensuring the lash lasts long would be difficult for your clients. Since your clients invest time and money, they want long-lasting lashes. Professional eyelash glue by Lash Therapy is the ultimate solution for achieving flawless and long-lasting eyelash extensions. The best eyelash glue keeps the lashes in place, and our unmatched eyelash glue ensures a comfortable, safe application and maintains a strong bond between the lashes, so your clients’ glam lasts until the next appointment. 

Further, our eyelash glue makes the lash tech’s job much easier and ensures the best results. Our professional eyelash glue can change the look and give your clients’ eyes a more dramatic and glamorous finish. As you start using our unmatched eyelash glue, you and your clients can enjoy the benefits of secure, hold, versatile application techniques, and improved retention. 

It Is Perfect For All Types Of Lashes 

Whether it’s classic, volume, or hybrid lashes, this professional eyelash glue for lash extension is perfect for all types of lashes. Since it is a high-quality lash adhesive, it is the favorite lash glue for many lash experts and their clients. The thin viscosity and low fumes of the glue can retain the eyelashes for up to 4 weeks. The glue only takes one second dry time and works best with temperatures between 50-70 degrees. However, the humidity ranges between 20%-45%. Using professional eyelash glue for you and your clients will ensure that you get the best results possible in terms of look and lash retention, regardless of the type of lash extensions you’re wearing. The professional lash glue will be a game-changer for you as well as for your clients. Anyone can easily use this eyelash glue to apply on their classic, volume, and hybrid eyelashes without any hassle. 

Unmatched Flexibility And Versatility 

The best thing about professional eyelash extension glue is that it offers exceptional versatility and flexibility in lash extension styles and techniques. This glue caters to specific preferences and requirements, like a fast-drying formula for quicker application or a slower drying option for precise placement. Such quality adhesive options and viscosities allow lash artists to customize their lash look. Whether you want to achieve natural volume or dramatic style, our professional eyelash extension glue will offer you seamless adoption of different lash extension techniques and individual client needs. 

In addition, the flexibility of the glue offers versatile application methods, which will enable you to create different eyelash looks, from natural to dramatic. Since our professional eyelash glue for eyelash extension is designed to create a robust and durable bond, it offers more flexibility to accommodate the movement of natural eyelashes. This further allows the lash artist to pick the appropriate glue on the basis of the client’s needs and desired lash style. 

Offering Great Comfort And Safety 

High-quality eyelash glue is formulated to be gentle on the eyes and sensitive skin around them; this is what professional eyelash glue by Lash Therapy offers. The product is designed to lessen the risk of irritation or allergic reaction in the eyes or surrounding areas. Moreover, the glue contains low fume and low odor properties, which make the application process quite comfortable for both the lash artist and the client. As the product also ensures the secure bonding between the natural lashes and eyelash extensions, it ensures that the lashes stay in place for a long time without causing any irritation or discomfort. This further ensures that the lashes are not falling off or poking the eyelids, which enhances the experience of eyelash extensions. 

Buy High-Quality Salon-grade Eyelash Glue With Lash Therapy

If you’re searching for premium quality eyelash glue for eyelash extensions, look no further than Lash Therapy. We offer the best professional eyelash for eyelash extensions at affordable rates. Our eyelash glue is easy to apply, offers long-lasting results, and doesn’t cause irritation. Considering the safety aspect, our professional eyelash glue undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the product is safe for the eyes. Our eyelash glue is specifically formulated for eyelash extensions, ensuring proper application while minimizing potential risks. 

So, why search for eyelash glue when you have the best quality professional eyelash glue by Lash Therapy? Elevate your lash game and get long-lasting eyelashes with us. 

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